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IWU's energy related research contributes significantly to a sustainable housing sector development. Issues at stake are the improvement of energy efficiency and energy saving. Impulses are given for the implementation and to overcome possible hindrances for realisation.

In order to increase new constructions' energy efficiency IWU works on the optimisation of the Passivhaus-standard and its implementation. The concept is under review by projects focusing on its technical improvement, field surveys on the users' acceptance and its easy-practicability. The implementation of the concept is supported by elaborating planning methods, tools and sets of rules.

In relation to the housing stock the research focuses on cost efficient technical modernization and on the complex framework conditions, i. e. in the rental housing sector. To lead housing stock modernization into an energy sound direction instruments are developed that reflect the status quo of the stock. Goals for energy saving are defined and scenarios designed, tools for assessment and advice are developed, model projects are assisted, guidelines for the efficient implementation are established and training programmes initiated.

By means of the Impulsprogramm of the State of Hesse executed by IWU, research results are disseminated amongst various target groups.

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