Collecting Data from energy certification to Monitor performance indicators for New and Existing buildings (DATAMINE)


Although high CO2 reduction potentials in the European building sector are reported, in practice they are only partly tapped. The general lack of information about what is actually going on in the building stock is a great obstacle for taking measures to improve this situation.

The idea of the proposed action is to use Energy Performance (EP) Certificates as a data source for monitoring. Considering the great variety of buildings as well as certificate types in Europe and the very different status of EPBD implementation a general monitoring system can only be implemented in the long run. Thus the objective of the proposed action is to make basic experiences in data collection and analysis on a practical level and draw conclusions for establishing harmonised monitoring systems.


Each project partner is involved in specific EP certification activities on regional or national level. In addition the particular key actors are interested to get a survey on the energy performance of the certified buildings. The proposed action DATAMINE will regard the EP certification activities as Model Projects for data collection and monitoring. The following steps will be performed:

  • The DATAMINE project team elaborates a practical concept for the collection, analysis and utilisation of data from Energy Performance Certificates. A simple data base software is developed to give a survey of the collected data.
  • The members of the DATAMINE project team carry out Model Projects on national or regional level. Each project has an individual design according to the different energy certificates and the respective monitoring aims. A large but manageable number of energy certificates is analysed in each Model Project.
  • The DATAMINE project team draws conclusions from the experiences of the Model Projects, especially with respect to the possible transfer to EPBD implementation activities and to generalisation on national and EU level.
    Dissemination activities are carried out for the promotion of the concept of data collection from EP Certificates on national and EU level.

Expected Results

The direct outcomes of the project will be:

  • surveys of the energy performance of the buildings certified in the Model Projects particular schemes for the collection of data from different types of Energy Performance Certificates (residential and non-residential buildings) applicable concepts for monitoring the energy performance of building stock subsets and identifying the scope for different improvement measures proposals for data collection and monitoring systems on national and EU level.
  • The results of the project will be a good basis for the implementation of harmonised monitoring systems in the building sector on regional, national and EU level.


January 2006 - December 2008


Tobias Loga
Tel.: +49 (0)6151-2904-53
E-Mail: t.loga(at)iwu(dot)de


  • European commission, Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

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