"TABULA" - EU-Project

TABULA aims to create a harmonised structure for European building typologies. Resi­dential buildings are the focus, but activities extend beyond them.

Each national typology will be a set of model residential buildings with characteristic energy related properties. These will each represent a certain construction period of the country and a specific building size. Furthermore, the number of buildings and apartments which they represent, and the overall floor areas, will be identified. The development and utilisation of a webtool, serving as a data source for scenario analyses, will be the other key outcome.

The action addresses experts working on scenario analyses, as well as policy makers, at regional, national or EU level. Energy consultants can also use the typologies for initial advice.

Efforts are made to expand the typology structure to countries not involved in the project, with the webtool being open for addition of further national typologies by relevant experts.

The major outputs of the TABULA project will be:

  • Structure of Building / System Typology
    A common structure for building typologies will be developed on the basis of already existing national typologies of residential buildings and heat supply systems. The structure considers the different national construction types. Its presentation follows the needs of the target groups and involved key actors.
  • Building Typology data
    The typology structure will be filled with national data by each partner:
    - typical values for: thermal envelope areas, U-values and g-values
    - performance of supply systems
    - frequencies of building and system types in the national stock
    - energy saving measures on two levels: “typical” and “advanced”
    The documentation will result in brochures for each participating country which give an overview of the energy performance of typical buildings and the possible energy saving by refurbishment measures.
  • Building Typology Webtool
    The building typology data elaborated during the project will be published by a special Building Typology Webtool. For each participating country the national typology will be presented in form of a matrix with photographs of typical buildings, arranged according to construction year period and building size. For each building type information will be given about frequency, typical supply systems, typical energy performance. Furthermore the possible energy savings and carbon dioxide emission reduction will be indicated. Clicking on a building type will give access to building data sheets and sub-typologies with detailed information about the structural elements and the supply systems. For each building type from each country an online-calculation can be performed for assessing its energy performance in the original state and the achievable energy savings by applying one or several measures which are selectable by the user.

Project Duration

May 2009 - April 2012


Tobias Loga
Tel.: 06151-2904-53
E-Mail: t.loga(at)iwu(dot)de


  • Europäische Union (Programm Intelligent Energy Europe)

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