SAVE@Work4Homes - Supporting European Housing Tenants in Optimising

The SAVE@Work4Homes project, supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Agency (IEEA) in the framework of the SAVE programme, aims to achieve a very significant reduction in energy consumption in social housing across Europe, across all types of existing building and across all tenant groups, by providing information and support to tenants enabling them to optimise their energy consumption behaviour.

The approach recognises the great variety of living conditions and cultures in European social housing and does not attempt to define a single best strategy. Instead, partners in 6 organisations in the three Member States with the highest proportion of social housing will develop and test a complementary set of viable and effective Energy Awareness Services, based on a "toolbox" of components to be developed in the proje

  • automatic monitoring of consumption and transmission of consumption data in respect of heating costs and where appropriate electricity, water and/or gas
  • analysis and presentation of consumption data for access by tenants via Internet or other techniques including measures in realising the appropriate level of data protection
  • self-assessment scheme to assess the success of residents of a housing unit in reducing their energy consumption, including input of behavioural parameters by residents themselves
  • optimisation and modification of invoicing and tariffs aligned with local legal requirements for allocating costs to building residents
  • improvement of heating controls and feedback to users of heating settings
  • extension / modification of tenant portals in the Internet, adaptation of notebooks used by property managers and use of low-cost WebTV access
  • (re)design of print media for tenants such as a handbook for identifying possible changes in building use behaviour of all residents to save energy without unwanted side-effects.

The presentation will address the project approach as a whole and report results from first steps taken in analysing requirements of tenants.

A variety of methods for eliciting tenant requirements will be used, including discussing prototypes of service components constructed on the basis of service specifications.

January 2007 til 2009

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Results of the first tenant survey which included 2.637 tenants