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Team of the IWU

The two topics housing and energy represent the core of our scientific work. Our researchers and support staff are supported by the administration staff that enables a smooth daily working routine by providing book-keeping, telephone exchange, typing pool, library, computer department and print office.

Staff memberRole
Bagherian, BehroozCivil Engineer, M.Sc. Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
Behr, IrisLawyer, authorised representative
Bischof, JulianM.Eng. Energetisch-Ökologischer Stadtumbau
Calisti, JensIT specialist
Cischinsky, HolgerDr. rer. pol., Economist, authorised representative
Deschermeier, PhilippDr. rer. pol., Economist
Diefenbach, NikolausDr.-Ing., Physicist
Enseling, AndreasDr. rer. pol., Economist
Funke, MichaelDipl. Geographer, Web Development
Fuß, IngoBusiness Graduate, Administrative Director
Grafe, MichaelCivil Engineer
Großklos, MarcDipl.-Ing. (FH) Energy- and environment protection engineer
Hacke, UlrikeDipl. Sociologist
Hartung, AndreasDr. rer. soc., Sociologist
Hörner, MichaelDipl. Physicist, Energy consultant (TU) LEED Accredited Professional
Karl-Kanaplei, GabrieleAdministration
Koch, ThiloDr.-Ing. Mechanik
Krapp, Max-ChristopherDr. phil., Politikwissenschaft
Loga, TobiasDipl. Physicist
Lohmann, GünterDipl. Sociologist
Menger, UrsulaAdministration
Meyer, MonikaDr.-Ing., Architect, Executive Director
Müller, AndréEnergie und Ingenieurwissenschaft
Müller, KorneliaSupport staff
Nuss, GalinaDipl. Mathematician (FH)
Renz, InaDr. rer. soc.
Rodenfels, MarkusDipl. Mathematician (FH)
Schulz, SilviaAdministration
Soeder, AndreaLibrary
Stein, BrittaDipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.
Swiderek, StefanDipl.-Ing. Umwelttechnik
Vaché, MartinM.Sc. Immobilienwirtschaft, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BYAK
Vögler, PeterComputer help desk
Weber, InesM.A. Sociology