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Jonas Schönefeld

PhD, Political science


Research fields
Housing markets and housing policy

Jonas Schönefeld is a Post-Doc/Research Associate in the Research group “Models of Housing and Energy Policy,” which was jointly set up by the IWU and the TU Darmstadt. His research strengthens the collaboration of the two institutions. Among his research foci are climate and energy policy (including adaptation), as well as policy monitoring and policy evaluation at different governance levels.

Selected projects and publications:


Comparing Municipal Climate Adaptation – The Diffusion of Policy Innovations


  • Schönefeld, Jonas; Schulze, Kai; Hildén, Mikael; Jordan, Andew:
    Policy Monitoring in the EU: The Impact of Institutions, Implementation, and Quality. — Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 60 (2019) 4: 719-741. — Link zum PDF
  • Schönefeld, Jonas; Jordan, Andrew:
    Environmental policy evaluation in the EU: between learning, accountability, and political opportunities? — Environmental Politics, 28 (2019) 2: 365-384. — Link zum PDF
  • Schönefeld, Jonas; Jordan, Andrew:
    Governing policy evaluation? Towards a new typology. — Evaluation, 23 (2017) 3: 274-293. — Link zum PDF