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Live, Eat and Travel: Implementing the European Green Deal

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Online Research Workshop

The European Commission launched the European Green Deal (EGD) in December 2019 in order to set the European Union on a firm path towards sustainability. While there are vibrant scholarly debates on issues around climate change, the energy transition and biodiversity, other areas that affect how we live, eat and travel have received less attention. To address this imbalance, this workshop will focus on three key policy areas with high relevance for achieving the ambitious targets of the EGD: Buildings, agriculture and mobility. Since the publication of the EGD, the Commission has published further strategies, namely one on a renovation wave (October 2020), a farm to fork strategy (May 2020) and strategies related to hydrogen and batteries (July/December 2020). Papers in this workshop will address the prospects for successful implementation of the EGD in any one of these three policy areas, focusing on any of the following aspects:

  • Task allocation across multiple levels of governance, including issues of subsidiarity
  • Implementation across the Member States, including how the EGD interacts with national circumstances
  • The role of sub-national actors, including regions and cities
  • The interaction between technical and governance issues (e.g., monitoring, standard-setting, etc.)
  • Steering mechanisms (hard and soft approaches) and policy instruments
  • The role of different actors and institutions

➨ Programme of the Workshop

KontakticonContact: Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld